Dec 1, 2022
Wolfdogs: Know the Qualities of this Hybrid

Better known by international experts as “hybrid wolf”, wolfdogs are a breed that results from the crossing of a dog and a gray wolf. Wolfdogs, as they are also known, are usually distinguished by their appearance. Many of them are regular dogs and others are mistaken for gray wolves. However, this breed has very particular characteristics that you should know.

Wolfdogs usually live up to twelve years and are naturally healthy. They are rarely affected by hereditary diseases. At present, seven breeds of dog can be distinguished that can be associated with the wolf. They all have similar behavior and appearances.

Wolfdogs are breeds with canine behavior. Therefore, they are very shy and suspicious. However, when they have been properly tamed, they turn out to be excellent companions. They are very intelligent and have a high level of energy. Highly recommended for large and large families.

Characteristics of wolfdogs

The characteristics of wolfdogs are not predictable. However, they have qualities that usually identify them:

  • Their height is very variable, ranging from 65 to 75 cm for males and 60 to 70 cm for females. Males can weigh between 30 and 45 kg and females between 25 and 35 kg.
  • They have a dense and short coat, black, white, and even graying in many.
  • Although their behavior is canine, they usually have wolfish traits such as biting objects, digging, and climbing fences. Pinedo (2013) cited an expert in animal behavior who claimed that dogs that live in close contact with their owners move away completely from wolfish traits.
  • These hybrid dog breeds can live twelve to fifteen years without any given health complications.

Wolfdog breeds

There are at least seven dog breeds that had in their creation a wolf-dog contribution. Four of them were the result of the intentional crossing of the German shepherd, which would be known as the original and intentional dog-wolf hybrid. The Belgian Shepherd is also the result of one of these crosses.

Another breed that can be highlighted is the Wolamute, the result of a cross of an Alaskan Malamute and a gray wolf. It was created to patrol the borders of Slovakia and the Czech Republic. With similar ideas, the Italian wolfdog and the Kunming wolfdog were created, and a Chinese canine was created for military purposes.

Caring for wolfdogs

Like any canine, wolfdogs need special care. In this case, these may be essential for its proper development. These include:

  • Vaccinate you against rabies.
  • Exercise and stimulate it physically and mentally.
  • Deworm them every four or six months.
  • Bathe him frequently.
  • Clean your teeth and gums.
  • Take it to the vet once a year.

Wolfdogs are an extraordinary breed that has become popular for various reasons. In the end, he is nothing more than a canine that requires the love and attention of those who accompany him.

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