Adoption Images | Free Photos, PNG Stickers, Wallpapers & Backgrounds -  rawpixelRUBI, a lucky Hound

Born on April 28, 2020, our protagonist deserves a home where he leaves his past behind and is happy. He was picked up from a roundabout, where certain death awaited him. Thanks to the people who decide not to look the other way, today our boy has a second chance.


Adopt a Shelter Pet | Depending on who you ask, 3 to 4 milli… | FlickrLANDER, lucky baby

Welcome, Lander! Every time we rescue a dog or cat it comes to our minds how many others remain unrescued and are not so lucky. Each rescue carries the feeling of helplessness, we wonder how long it will continue to be allowed to be abandoned and abused.


Please adopt me | Dogs for adoption next to Gan Meir. Pizza … | FlickrMANGO, the Guapetón

Born in March 2022, abandoned shortly after. MANGO came to us together with CHICHARRÓN, whom you may have already met here on our website and if not, we encourage you to do so. We cannot be original in telling the stories of the dogs that form our shelter.


Free Vectors, PNGs, Mockups & Backgrounds - rawpixelThe Quiet LOLA

LOLA is seven years old, born in 2015. No one has looked at her twice. She has never left the shelter and no one has ever asked about her. There are many invisible dogs and LOLA is one of them. To ADOPT LOLA press the button or access the bottom of the page.


File:Rescue dog in Finland.jpg - Wikimedia CommonsThe Sweet AILA

This young man is AILA, the brother of GANGA, together they came to us to find a great family and start a beautiful life, which they always deserved. They are medium-sized and were born approximately in January 2018. To ADOPT AILA press the button or access the bottom of the page