animal volunteer

Before filling out the form to begin your experience at the shelter it is necessary that you be aware of what it means to volunteer:

1. You should be clear that you want to dedicate time, effort, and commitment responsibly to ensure that the cats and dogs we protect receive the care they need.

2It is essential that you understand that a volunteer is a person who by choice and for ideological, ethical, or moral reasons decides to dedicate a part of his time to a solidarity activity, and not to counteract his shortcomings or personal problems. Therefore, he does not receive any type of economic remuneration, but compensation for learning, new experiences, and interpersonal relationships.

3. You must be over 18 years old.

– People between 16 and 18 years old must have an authorization document from their parents or legal guardians.

– Those under 16 years of age may only attend as companions of a volunteer, whether their parents or legal guardians and under their sole responsibility.

4. Have a high sense of responsibility, commitment, time, and continuity: volunteering is not an activity for summer or leisure time; If you do not have the time we can offer you other ways to collaborate.

5. Volunteer contract.