Why adopt? The main reasons for abandonment are that human beings do not reflect when we make a decision regarding other species.

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We believe in myths and serious mistakes, such as “cats are independent and seek life easily” (a cat abandoned in a park where there are other cats, will die of starvation or infected by diseases that its domestication prevents fighting), or that “the dog will be picked up by someone”. “Someone” doesn’t exist, no one will pick it up. He will die run over, starved, or beaten. Just like the cat.

Why Adopt?

Among the 1,000 reasons to adopt this is the most important:

When we take charge of life, whatever it may be, we do it forever. “Always” seems like a very long word, but if we have reflected and concluded that our brain and our heart want to share their existence with a being of another species, then we will be in a position to adopt. We must reflect before making a decision that puts the life of the other at stake.

One of the main causes that lead human beings to impulsively and capriciously acquire an animal is also the main reason that turns their lives into a hell of misunderstanding, abandonment, and pain.

A dog, a cat, a parrot, or any animal is not a toy. It is a living being with needs, character, and feelings, and each person must know these facets of the life of the other to ask the big question: “Am I capable and possess the means to take charge of a life (with all its nuances, including economic ones) that is not mine or that of my relatives?”.

Analyzed and assuming these first considerations, adoption becomes the best alternative. Why? For the simple reason, among others that we will talk about later, that friends, and life partners, do not buy. Or, at least, they should not be purchased regardless of the species they are.

But this is something that a person does not initially consider because humans continue to believe that the kings of the planet are us and that other living beings are there for our convenience and enjoyment.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The adoption of a being of another species enriches us from the moment we reflect before making that decision until the end of our life. We find in the dog or cat a character, feelings, and a way of acting and living that makes us progress as human beings brings new points of view and makes us more tolerant and more understanding.