You can collaborate with us by helping our animals, or you can sponsor them.

Sponsor - Free of Charge Creative Commons Wooden Tile image

With a maximum monthly fee of $6, you will be guaranteeing the food (high-end feed), deworming, vaccination, and identification (microchip) of a dog or cat and you will contribute to the sterilization expenses.

As a sponsor, you will receive information about how you are, your health status, new friends in the shelter, photos, and any information you want.

Also, if you live in Seville or come here, your godchild will be happy if you take him or her for a walk, brush him or play with him or her for a while.

Of course, we will inform you as soon as your godchild receives the best news that any of our animals expects: that finally, he has been adopted.

Please, it is very important that your data is correct. We will contact you to confirm everything and ask for your bank details.

Thank you very much for your solidarity.